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The wrong tyres would end?
 Date: 2017/3/4 11:40:10  
General car ran three to seven million kilometers, tire wear will be more serious, a little exaggeration to slicks. At this time, the owners need to change tires. In addition because of wear and tire replacement, because of a flat tire, the owner must also repair shop or store and deal with 4S. At this time, many teachers on their own experience for many years to some small owners recommended tires.
They will recommend some very wear-resistant tires, the next run of 100 thousand km is absolutely no problem, or that the tire is very quiet, this tire grip is very good.
The teacher turns the recommendation, but also by the teacher to influence white owners language appeal, stumbled along the nose of the teacher. Really like the teacher Fu as well? Owners must first have some understanding of the basic knowledge of the tire.
What a big shoe to wear
First of all, to change the tire, the size must be right. Many owners know according to the general specification of information selection of tire on the wall, like 205 / 55R W 1691 this group of information, 205 represents the width of the tire, 55 on behalf of the tire flat ratio, R represents the tire radial tire, 16 represents the size of the tire, and the last 91 W and the two values is very important in general, people will ignore.