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Micro electricity supplier struck, tire what opportunity
 Date: 2017/3/4 11:15:59  

July 7, 2015, micro electricity supplier summit held in beijing. From the electricity supplier industry big coffee together to explore new opportunities for micro electricity supplier. The same day, micro-blog announced joint Ali to sell micro partners such as key third party as the representative of the mobile social business platform, build interest oriented in the future, the vertical field of about 20000000 professional Master using micro-blog recommended product release, and promote the efficient connection between the tire industry and consumers. To create a more favorable platform for the development of tire electricity supplier.
At present, the tire industry, electronic business platform, is a challenge, but also an opportunity. In order to make the tire industry in the social field of electricity providers more transparent, O2O sales model will be the direction of development, and how to do the next line of industrial chain, to provide customers with more high-quality shopping experience, is the only way which must be passed for sustainable development tire supplier.
How to carry out marketing content marketing experts recommend to tire supplier, manufacturing with viral content and entertainment. As the network marketing has the trend of entertainment, the tire is suitable to entertainment package category, can be combined with the star, Master, opinion leaders of interactive entertainment, in order to achieve the effect of the promotion, at the same time, we have through big data analysis of user's purchasing power and the tendency of tire products and buyers need to match buyers from the angle of building products "".
In recent years, tire supplier heady, adds a lot of uncertainty to the future trend of the competition pattern.
According to micro-blog's newly released electricity supplier strategy, businesses can use the people to sell goods in the micro sell, and to recruit people to participate in the sale of micro-blog micro-blog, with the interest of social relations to enhance sales effectiveness. Rely on micro-blog platform resources, business information can spread quickly through the shopping Master social chain, and through the micro-blog original information way to spread, it will get a better display effect than from other social information platform. In the future, micro electric providers will better promote the promotion of tire products and brands.