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Tire manufacturing continues to improve
 Date: 2017/3/4 11:08:16  
Natural rubber market is expected to reverse
The price of natural rubber in the world 43 thousand yuan / ton high after the shock all the way down from the start of 2012, the first half of 2013 is low in the 16 thousand yuan / ton, the price of 19 thousand yuan / ton, showing upward trend shock bottom increase. Natural rubber prices are the largest loss of natural rubber manufacturers. Hainan rubber (601118) as the only listed company of rubber raw materials in China, the performance of the company in the past three years showed a downward trend. However, the decline in the price of natural rubber is the public information, and the longer the time span, the time has basically digested the unfavorable factors of the stock price. The price of natural rubber in 18 thousand yuan / ton, the decline in the space of rubber has been basically closed, the national reserve of natural rubber and downstream tire industry up, supporting natural rubber upward trend. To this end, Hainan rubber is expected to go out of the market at the bottom of the case to determine the price of rubber. At the same time, Hainan rubber has a wide range of land resources, the concept of land transfer also has a role in promoting the activity of shares. Hainan rubber stock price upward or upward shock probability is relatively large.
Tire manufacturing continues to improve
Natural rubber prices are most likely to benefit from the tire manufacturers. Natural rubber tires accounted for nearly 40% of the cost, in 2013 China's natural rubber prices fell by an average of about $30%, while China's tire price cuts are mostly around 10%, the tire industry profit margins hit a new high in recent years. The third quarter of 2013, Aeolus (600469) gross profit margin was 19.22%, Luntai (000589) is 18.26%, double the money stock (600623) 12.9%, gross margin of the tire to enhance the performance of listed companies is very obvious. 2013 China's tire demand is good, the annual output growth remained above 10%, exports grew by more than 20%, tire stocks are also low. These circumstances determine the 2013 annual results will be a substantial increase over the same period last year, tire companies are expected to get out of a wave of market performance.
China's tire prices and natural rubber price decline of the price differential, the short term is difficult to estimate in the tire industry, high profit situation is difficult to change. Most of the listed companies in recent years tire tire investment capacity increased greatly, Guizhou tire tire engineering project is expected to the first quarter of 2014 put into operation; Anhui shuangqian shares semi steel tire project has been put into operation and will further expand production capacity; in addition, Aeolus is all steel tire project tianpingbuqi and add all steel giant tire project. Under the premise of the tire market, tire sales growth is inevitable.
In addition, China's tire industry mergers and acquisitions. Sailun shares after the acquisition of Shenyang peace tires, Shandong Jinyu tire, the rapid growth of production capacity nearly doubled; at the end of January last year, double the money stock announced that the company and the Xinjiang Investment Development (Group) Co., Ltd. Xinjiang Kunlun tire company signed the equity cooperation framework agreement, double the money stock through equity acquisitions cooperation project held by Xinjiang Kunlun Tire Co. Ltd. 51% stake. These mergers and acquisitions will be a new growth point of tire companies, tire manufacturing stocks worth continuing this year.
Other products continue to be active
Non tire rubber products, including rubber products, rubber hose, seals, etc., the relevant listed companies are mainly double arrow shares (002381), the era of new material (600458), in the tripod shares (000887), etc.. Compared with the world's non tire rubber products, domestic enterprises started late, small scale, China's largest non tire rubber products manufacturers in the world ranked outside the top 40. However, with the rapid development of China's economy, especially the rapid development of transportation and mining industry, the demand for non tire rubber is increasing rapidly, and the rapid development of non tire rubber products listed companies is very active in the two markets. Non tire rubber products are the main raw materials for natural rubber, natural rubber prices remain low in order to enhance the level of corporate profits. It is estimated that the gross margin of non tire rubber products will increase as raw material prices up 3%~8%. Double arrow shares and other non tire rubber products may result in a steady rise in performance due to wave.
In addition, non tire rubber products industry, two recent announcements of concern. One is the era of new material in December of last year announced that the company intends to spend about $2 billion 407 million to acquire the whole affoo rubber and plastics business, if the acquisition is successful, the company will be squeezed in a world-class non tire rubber products supplier list, fast ranked among the world's top twenty non tire manufacturers. In addition, Ding shares also announced at the end of the year, the company intends to invest 50 million yuan into the field of rubber hose, indicating that the seal of listed companies and then add new economic growth points. These mergers, restructuring and expansion activities will enhance the activity of the company's shares in the two market.
Rubber machinery worthy of attention
Driven by China's tire investment, China's demand for rubber machinery is also increasing. After the first quarter of 2013, China's tire investment and then lift a small climax, especially in the vicinity of Shandong, more than and 10 new tires appear in the project, is expected to appear in the production of second tires, Wang Zhuang base. Shandong tire investment is also very strong. Preliminary statistics, in 2013 China's new all steel tire 15 million, semi steel tire more than 100 million. From the information released by tire companies, in 2014 the scale of tire investment is also quite in 2013.
From May 2013 onwards, products in short supply, production and sales situation of China's rubber machinery industry. Mesnac China rubber machinery industry four listed companies (002073), (002337), Aolin Daxiangsu (600346), blue British equipment (300293) sales revenue is expected to increase. While I